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Life: “…a friend of mine summed up the wisdom of thrill-seeking. His last words were, ‘Hey guys…WATCH THIS!”

“…it’s a lot easier to find your CELL mate than it is to find your SOUL mate.

Italian Culture: “Starting arguments with Italians is like inviting them to a party!”

Human Anatomy: “The truth is you just can’t hide a giant forehead.”

Beauty: “Women are supposed to have dips and curves.  That’s why God gave us both pasta AND elastic.”

History: “…If George Washington had been Italian, he would have said, ‘Yeah, I chopped down your cherry tree; what are you gonna’ do about it?”

Holidays: “…Italian Thanksgiving, also known as “Thursday Night at the Fights.”

Restaurants: “…never dine and dash in a genuine Italian restaurant… which should probably post signs that say, ‘Notice, we DO NOT call the police…”

Personal Finance: “…like the old saying, ‘A fool and his money are…sure a lot of fun.


About the Author

Preface--The story of how the book came to be

Chapter 1--Professions and the Workplace

Chapter 2--Holidays

Chapter 3--Driving

Chapter 4--Aging

Chapter 5--Food

Chapter 6--Eating in Restaurants

Chapter 7--Reality TV and Celebrities

Chapter 8--Raising Children

Chapter 9--Interpersonal Communication

Chapter 10--Honesty

Chapter 11--Politics and Government

Chapter 12--Golf and Fishing

Chapter 13--Appearance and Physical Attributes

Chapter 14--Finance and Money

Chapter 15--Life Advice

Chapter 16--Dating

Chapter 17--This and That

Jerry Bedell

Sempre Arrabiato?

I tip my hat to my grandparents, Elisabetta Sebastiani and Franco Petricola from La Provincia Dell' Aquila in the Abruzzo region of Italy, and to my mother, Violanda (Yolande), who came to the U.S.A. after World War II.  It's entirely their fault I am the way I am.

The author holds 27 Doctorate Degrees in a variety of specialty areas including, but not limited to, Medicine, Dentistry, Hypnotherapy, Physics, Law, Engineering, Acupuncture, Music, Political Science, History and Literature. He has written and published 18,427 books on topics ranging from Nuclear Fission to Cooking, and from Structural Integrity to Knitting. He has been a regular public speaker at science fairs, hog calling contests and lingerie parties all over the world. He is currently conducting research to determine once and for all exactly how a thermos knows when to keep its contents hot and when to keep them cold. If and when he is ever awarded a Nobel Prize, he plans to be the keynote speaker at the first annual NCAA (Nobody Cares About Anything) Convention, which has not yet been organized or scheduled.

Of course not one word of the "About the Author" section is true. Amused by publishers' and editors' universal insistence that an “About the Author” section be written in third person and included in every book, I simply figured I would have a little fun and say some really stuffy, self-promotional things that authors normally say when informing the world of their importance.  The truth is I really do hold some degrees in higher education; I really have had some articles published; and I really have been very successful in my career.  And blah, blah, blah and more blah!  Big deal and so what?  I also got drunk and spent a night outside in a box with a homeless man, named “Chattanooga Bill,” got into a few fights in my life and once was lost in the Pyrenees Mountains. The fact is I paid attention to my uncountable life experiences and, through it all, my sense of humor never failed me.

Words of Wisdom from An Italian Father: Where Philosophy, Attitude

and Humor Collide

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